Traditional Edible Wedding Favors: Perk Them Up With Perfect Presentation

Edible wedding favors are a tradition in many families, but that certainly doesn’t mean that yours must look just like your grandmother’s. While honoring that tradition may narrow your choices as to what to give your guests, there is still plenty of room to be creative in the presentation of those customary treats, adding a bit of your own personality and style to your edible wedding favors.

For many families, Jordan almonds are a must have wedding favor. The tradition goes back for many generations and a wedding just isn’t right without them. However, there is a bit of room for personal interpretation in the way you choose to present them. While they are traditionally presented in little gift boxes or pouches, you can choose a more creative container to reflect your personal style.

Perhaps you can present those traditional almonds in a trinket box that will reflect your wedding theme, as well as giving your guests a more concrete souvenir of your special day. Or, you can use favor boxes that double as place card holders as a way to present those traditional treats. In this manner, you can bow to family custom, yet leave yourself the option of providing guests with a more personal wedding favor as well.

If your family’s tradition of edible favors isn’t quite that specific, leaving you room to pick tasty treats of your own fancy, perhaps a chocolate treat is the way to go. A few gourmet truffles presented in an ornate curio box or candy dish are a great choice for a formal wedding.

For a wedding with an oriental theme, beautifully decorated wedding fortune cookies are a popular choice. Presented in a lovely favor box or candy dish, they can fulfill your edible favor obligation while also providing a long-lasting wedding memento for friends and family.

If your personality tends more towards the whimsical, miniature bubble gum machines might be the best wedding favors for your celebration. Or, perhaps mints or Hershey’s kisses presented in an Enchanted Carriage Favor Box or a colorful tin. Do you have a sweet tooth? These might be an ideal choice for you.

Even if your edible wedding favor is pre-planned by family custom, creative presentation can give you room to express yourself. With a little ingenuity, you can add a personal touch to that time-worn family tradition, satisfying your obligation to family history as well as your desire to create a celebration that is uniquely yours.

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