Public Performance Anxiety No More – Sell Yourself As You Present

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Public speaking is an important skill in today’s business environment. So, the issue becomes just how do you overcome inhibitions, fear and anxiety to discover your inner confidence, positive energy and the ability to influence others. Let’s look at three key ways to address this issue:

1. Accept and love yourself

2. Accept and love others

3. Let go and have fun

Your presentations become authentic and charismatic when you first accept and love yourself. Take time to think about all your really good qualities, whatever they are. Celebrate these qualities and encourage a smile to spread across your face. Write these good qualities down and read them out loud with a clear strong voice. Now, think about your not-so-good qualities. Rather than get down about yourself, celebrate these qualities too. This is you. This is all of you, both good and not-so-good. Bring compassion to any parts of yourself that may feel shame or hopelessness as you look at the qualities of yourself that may have been labeled as not-so-good. My guess is that you developed these qualities to protect yourself from being hurt in some way. Breathe in love. Anxiety, fear and self doubt come out when you let the inner battle between your good and bad qualities rage. It takes a lot of energy, in the form of anxiety to push away parts of yourself that you may not like. Instead, embrace all of who you are with love.

As you fill with love to yourself, you are now able to reach out to others with the same love and compassion. Let your eyes twinkle as you connect to them. Whether you’re making a sales pitch or doing a presentation, remember it’s not about you. It’s about your audience. Everybody just wants to be seen, heard and loved. Connect with others from a place of compassion, understanding, patience and an acknowledgment of “we’re all just being human”. Listen to your audience with your whole being, with your soul. Radiate your inner love and let your audience know you care. Feel your confidence grow as you focus your attention and connection to your audience from a place of honest, loving communication.

Finally, with love for yourself and others, remember that life is short. So let your hair fly loose and have fun! Try a little humor. Let yourself feel everything. Really breathe deeply and discover the joy in being alive. Smile and imagine that smile moving down through your whole body and then reaching out to others. Trust that the Universe is guiding you and don’t try to control the outcome. No more “white knuckling” it through life, release your grip and let go. Have fun!

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How to Conjugate Ser, the Spanish Verb, in the Present Tense and the Preterit Tense

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Every beginner student of the Spanish language should learn how to conjugate ser, one of two Spanish verbs which mean “to be.” The student should master conjugating this verb in both the present tense and preterit tense before moving on to conjugating this action word in other tenses.

In a previous Spanish lesson, I showed you when to use the verb “ser” vs. “estar.” In this lesson, I will not discuss when to use this verb. Instead, I will only discuss how to conjugate it.

Here is a chart to help conjugate ser in the present tense:

(Yo) soy
(Tú) eres
(El, ella, usted) es
(Nosotros, nosotras) somos
(Ellos, ellas, ustedes) son

If you are learning European Spanish, as opposed to Latin American Spanish, then you can add “sois” to the list. Now we will use the word in a couple of phrases in the Spanish language.

La computadora es de mi hermana.
The computer is my brother’s.

Soy Andrea.
I am Andrea.

Somos estudiantes en la misma escuela.
We are students in the same school.

Here is a chart to help conjugate ser in the preterit tense:

(Yo) fui
(Tú) fuiste
(El, ella, usted) fue
(Nosotros, nosotras) fuimos
(Ellos, ellas, ustedes) fueron

If you are learning European Spanish, as opposed to Latin American Spanish, then you can add “fuisteis” to the list. We looked at how to conjugate ser in the present tense, now let’s look at how to conjugate ser in the preterit tense:

Cuando era pequeña me gustaba jugar en el parque.
When I was little, I used to like to play in the park.

Ella era enfermera.
She used to be a nurse.

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Tips for Writing Your Presentation Bio

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With more formal presentation opportunities the organisers will sometimes ask you to send in a bio – a short description of you and your career. This can be included in the conference literature and provides the chairman of the conference session a few words to use as an introduction. – often it is used as a filler as you move to the stage for your big event.

If read out the audience will be listening, even if they know you, as it provides a window to who you are and what you have been doing. Take a little time over writing our bio it will help the presentation get off to a good start, provide a talking point for conversation afterwards and help the audience create a link with you – ‘I worked at blogs Ltd, I wonder if he worked with Mary’.

I find it best to:

  • Keep it to one or two paragraphs, often you will be given guidance to the number of words, if in doubt ask the conference organiser
  • Run through your career in a few steps – education, first company/role, current role – job titles are often not very descriptive so don’t just list out 5 job titles.
  • Add something, if you feel comfortable, about you. For example, where you live, your family, hobbies and aspirations. This part of the bio can be a good leveller as it doesn’t matter whether you are at the beginning of your career or finishing a hearty career with several commendations from the head of the Government.
  • Also good to add something about work type activities that are not directly related to your full time work position. School governor, treasurer of the local badminton team, writing a book on how to ride a bicycle, etc.

Given all of the above you will probably be best to keep it to less than 200 words. Longer than this and it may not fit into a pre-conference papers, will not be read out in full and if it is read out, will soon start to sound like ostentatious self promotion or a pre-curser to a bloated presentation. Remember, ‘less is more’.

Last, you can include your bio at the front or back of any handout or emailed presentation along with your contact details. This is particularly helpful if you are a consultant, looking for a new position or a future speaker slot, as it acts as a mini CV.

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Why Are So Many People Wondering About the FHTM Business Presentation?

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There have been so many people out in the network marketing industry that have been wondering about the FHTM business presentation. There are really 2 major reasons why there is so much talk about it.

The first reason people are talking about the FHTM business presentation is because the compensation plan is a very lucrative pay plan. It is a plan that is designed by a network marketer for network marketers. This meaning that the man behind the design of it created success as a network marketer.

Since a network marketer created the plan, as oppose to an accountant, he understood what was needed for the reps that would be joining the company. He knew that the compensation plan needed to be able to pay out to the reps a good upfront commission but still have a decent residual income. So he managed to do this making it a powerful compensation plan.

The second reason that people want to know more about the FHTM business plan is because it is hard to find out much information about it unless you are sitting in-front of somebody. Most network marketing companies have put up a business presentation online so that anyone can see it. But with FHTM, it is very difficult to find out the business plan unless you are sitting down with a FHTM representative.

Because of both of these reasons, people are having a hard time finding much information about the FHTM business presentation. People have to go to hotel business presentation to find out any information about the company which makes the company stronger.

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Professional Demonstrators and Presenters Boost Oncology Trade Show ASCO 2011

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The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) will be one of several trade shows and meetings scheduled this year where exhibitors will be booking professional talent for presentations and demonstrations among other talent to enhance the attendee experience.

Located at Lakeside Center in Chicago, Illinois, the event known as the premier educational and scientific event of the oncology sector, will hold its meeting again at McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, from June 3 through 7, 2011

Health care professionals such as oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, genetic counselors, and others will Share and learn about the latest advances in cancer research and development and patient care. Over 26,600 professionals attended scientific and educational sessions at last year’s show that offered advanced information on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer. This year the conference invites attendees to “Patients. Pathways. Progress.” the theme for this year’s Annual Meeting.

Attendees can connect with colleagues while networking and sharing experiences, and test new technologies in the exhibit areas. Visitors will be exposed to newer and more advanced techniques and practices demonstrated by professionally trained presenters who are extremely talented at explaining specific information with exhibit attendees looking for a way to improve their practices and their patients’ lives.

The trade show events are not like other gatherings and conferences, and even though electronic connections via social networking sites (Twitter, LinkedIn and others, for example) can help in distributing information, the most effective method of absorbing the information is still generally delivered eye-to-eye.

Professional spokespersons make it their business to know company products and services to explain them in ways visitors understand. At trade shows and conventions, trade show models are in their natural element so they project comfort and confidence to prospects and customers.

Exhibitors continue to discover more uses and value of using demonstrators and presenters at their trade shows and exhibits; they also staff their booths for generating leads, sales, and new revenue. There’s no added expense for airfare, hotel rooms or transportation; the bookings are handled efficiently and precisely so that exhibitors can concentrate on cementing relationships and deals at the show.

And using an experienced agency for finding, screening, and booking experienced personnel makes all the difference to exhibitors.

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Engagement Present Etiquette

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These days, most of us know the protocol for giving wedding gifts. In a time when PCs, laptops and online shopping are the name of the game, it really is a walk in the park. But when it comes to engagement present etiquette, it’s not quite as simple.

By tradition, after an engagement, it’s customary to send a congratulatory note to the couple in question, but engagement gifts can also be a thoughtful gesture.

Unsure of the engagement gifts etiquette? Fret not. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about ideas for engagement presents, who should give them and when, plus some great gift ideas that’ll be an instant hit…

When Should You Give Engagement Gifts?

Engagement presents should never be expected by the bride or groom-to-be since guests have to pay for travel, lodging, food and, of course, a wedding gift. What’s more, members of the bridal party have to pay for a dress or tuxedo, not to mention the parents who normally fork out the most on the big day. As a rule, the bride and groom should take into account that a wedding can be pricey for everyone involved, so engagement present ideas should simply be an added bonus. On the other hand, if you’re incredibly close to the said couple – a parent, grandparent, sibling, or a member of the bridal party – you may want to consider offering a small token of congrats to the happy pair.

What to Bring to the Engagement Party

If you’ve been invited to an engagement shindig, most couples won’t have put together a gift registry yet, which means it’s up to you to pick out a decent pressie. If they have registered, it’s a good idea to stick to their registry list.

If they haven’t compiled an engagement present ideas registry, check out the below alternatives to start their marriage off on the right foot.

Gourmet Food Hamper

Nowadays, you can get scrumptious hampers filled with a luscious assortment of sweet and savoury delights, including clotted cream fudge, crushed garlic, chilli nuts, olives and more together with a bottle of personalised alcohol. Truly scrumdiddlyumptious engagement presents ideas for any pair of foodies.

Engagement Champagne and Flutes

They’ve just agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. Time to crack open the champers and celebrate their engagement! Why not treat them to a personalised bottle of champagne that allows you to customise the label with their names? Along with two engraved flutes, it’s a sure-fire way to make their day even more memorable.

Personalised Calendars

Immortalise their love, all year long, with a calendar featuring their names in every photograph for every month.

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4 Keys To Know About When Evaluating The Market America UnFranchise Business Presentation

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It’s quite the elegant and abstract, yet severely simple canvas that the Market America UnFranchise® business presentation creates. You can choose to spare yourself the 1 ½ hour presentation (UBP) at a hotel, or skip on visiting a home business presentation (HBP). A final conventional option of seeing the Market America UnFranchise® business presentation is to visit the local coffee shop meeting or watch a Webinar.

Truth be told, the MA business is the most incredible system ever created. It’s pioneered a new paradigm, while simultaneously developing an economic synergy amongst a team oriented business model like no other ever devised.

Because the distribution, marketing and economic trends that give us power in today’s economy will never be the same again, coupled with how MA continues to mean so much to so many, it’s truly is indescribable to pin-point in writing all the facets of its fancies, but let me do my best.

Below are 4 keys that you must be aware of when conducting due diligence on the Market America UnFranchise® business presentation that you won’t regret learning about in this article.

  1. MA Is A Product Brokerage Company – Market America represents both exclusive and non-exclusive branded products. Some of the exclusive product categories fall under the scope of health and nutrition, cosmetics, skin care, anti-aging, digital technologies, green products, financial services, personal care and internet marketing training and coaching. As for non-exclusive products; MA has caught the eyes of over 3,500 retail giants because of the allure of their online infrastructure. Being 54th on the Internet Retailer’s Top 100 poll has provided a large incentive for companies like Victoria Secret, Hallmark, Home Depot, iTunes, Target, Sears, Barnes and Noble, Kmart, Travelocity and a whole host of others have sided to compensate individuals when a sale is actually made, rather than paying for and going about advertising and marketing the “old age” way, which sees a non-scalable and untraceable budget go to waste often times.
  2. MA Is Leading The Direct Marketing Insurgence - Whether it be from marketing or selling a product or service online or offline, sharing a video or blog post, sending off an email blast to over 5.7 million people, being featured in an acclaimed publication and driving the traffic back to their web infrastructure, “rubbing elbows” at the hottest fashion events and documenting it via the television or being on the cutting edge of social media marketing, the Market America UnFranchise® business presentation covers it all!
  3. MA Has Led The One-To-One Marketing Movement For 19 Years – Have you experienced going into the grocery, pet or book store and had the clerk ask you if you had (their store) savings card? Although this is standard practice these days, I believe the intention of the store to capture this information is to individually tailor their marketing campaigns towards a customer’s buying tendencies.
  4. MA And The UnFranchise® Have Created A Whole New Economy – There is no disputing that even in this frail economy, the Market America UnFranchise® Business presentation and the MA model is completely flawless from every facet. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter where your entrepreneurial interests lie, this opportunity provides everything for somebody and something for everybody.

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Choosing a Company For Your Presentation Equipment Hire

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When you need a presentation equipment hire, you should know that the success of your presentation essentially rests on the rental company that you select. From the condition of the equipment to the dependability of the company, everything matters, and you need to take the time to select the best company for your equipment rental needs. Here are some things that you can consider before making a decision.

  • How dependable is the company? Typically, older companies are better established, and therefore more dependable than fly-by-night operations. You need to know that the company that you work with is going to fulfill their end of the deal – to the letter. If you aren’t sure, select a different company. Also take the time to read customer reviews online, or talk directly to other companies that have used a specific company’s services.
  • Does the company have newer equipment available for your presentation equipment hire? Many companies have older equipment that they rent out, and they do not replace that equipment as often as they should. This means that you end up with shoddy equipment which results in a shoddy presentation. Find out about the condition and age of the equipment that is available from different rental companies before making a selection.
  • What is the cost of the equipment? Naturally, the cost always plays a big role in selecting a company. With that said, however, the lowest price for identical equipment is not always the best option. Other things must be considered such as service and support, and delivery and pickup. Often, it is better to pay more for better service – even for identical equipment. Be sure to find out about additional fees as well, and avoid companies that try to hide fees from you.
  • What are the terms of the rental agreement for the presentation equipment hire? It is always a good idea to compare rental agreements from different companies. Read the agreement carefully, and make sure that you are very clear regarding how the equipment is delivered and returned, what you are responsible for and what the rental company is responsible for, and all other terms of the rental agreement before signing anything at all.
  • Is technical support available? Some rental companies don’t offer any technical support at all, and this could be a big problem that could essentially ruin your presentation. You need to know that telephone support is available, and that it will be available during the time that you have scheduled for your event. If it isn’t, you might want to choose a different company, regardless of the price.

Again, the success of your presentation weighs heavily on the presentation equipment hire company that you use. Make sure that you are working with a dependable, reputable company to ensure that equipment will be in good shape, and delivered on time. Remember that the lowest price may be attractive, but it isn’t necessarily the best option if you cannot depend fully on the rental service offering that low price.

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Improve Presentation Skills – With Voice Control

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We all have encountered superb speakers and not so great ones. So have I. Just for the sake of comparison, I once paid equal attention to both the types of presenters (I know it’s difficult) and later summarized the important action points in both. I was surprised to find that both of them had great ideas, in fact some of the ideas were common! The difference I realized was just the way ideas were conveyed. Just the way the presenter communicated made me want to keep listening to her or go off to sleep.

There are number of ways to improve command over speech. Here are some tried and tested techniques to gain control.

Voice energy has three sub qualities, volume, pitch and pace which we’ve all heard about. Now here are ways to control them.


Just the volume can determine whether you come across as boring and timid or overbearing and bossy. Neither of the extremes are good for a presenter. Strike the note between the two. The optimum decibel level (unit to measure volume) is 7-8 dB. You and I don’t have access to a machine that measures it. Try this instead, say the same sentence in different volumes, starting from barely audible to screaming. Get your friend to listen to you and tell you at what point on the continuum do you sound confident and assertive. In case you are presenting to a large group, do not strain your voice by constantly screaming, get a mic instead.


Pitch is a quality difficult to define, but we know it as shrillness of voice. Women have a naturally higher pitch as compared to men. Our pitch automatically increases when we get excited or angry. Very often our voice gets tired when we are presenting a topic close to our heart. That’s because of the excitement, we continue to speak at a pitch higher than our natural one. I use a simple trick to resume my natural pitch when I feel my voice getting tired. I take a break, close my mouth and say to myself, Uh huh…uh huh hi…uh huh bye…uh huh hello…uh huh people…uh huh executive education….uh huh presentation about executive education. There you are! The last sentence you said was in your natural pitch. Go ahead continue the same pitch in a more relaxed voice.


Everybody’s processing speed is different. Make it simple for people to understand and absorb what you are saying, by controlling your speed or pace of talking. Most of us are not aware when we speak too fast. Try this, go back to the beginning of the article and read a few paragraphs with pause after every word. Force yourself to stop for a second after every word. Refrain from pronouncing words which are joined, together. For e.g. don’t say “don’t”, say “do” (wait for a second) “not”. The more difficult you find it, the more you need to train your voice. Get comfortable with the pauses. Also after covering each main topic, stop for a few seconds, even if the pause is uncomfortable. Give people time to absorb the idea and ask questions if any.

Train your voice with these techniques and improve the quality of your presentations. These will require some practice to become a habit. But effectively applied, these techniques can make the presentations more comfortable for you and more interesting for your audience.

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5 Important Things to Do Before a Presentation

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Even experts need help while preparing for a big presentation. A great presentation can impress people, make or break deals and showcase your confidence and communication skills. Good oratory skills are important, but prior preparations also have an important role. These minor preparatory steps help you to calm your nerves and stabilize your stage fright. For a more effective public speaking performance, you need to prepare both your mind and body to function smoothly.

Five things to do before presentation:

1. Stimulate the first minute

The first minute of any presentation paves the path for your main presentation. You can practice this minute in your mind to give an idea how the presentation will start. Do this simulation in front of your mirror in the privacy of your home. Doing this activity will help you to look into the audience confidently without any hesitation. You can create an impactful first impression when you begin a presentation through this activity. Practice your introduction in fluent English to help you get a good start

2. Survey the presentation room

It is preferable to survey the room where you are going to give the presentation before hand. This will give you some time to be familiarized with the environment where you are supposed speak. You can check out the electronics, seating arrangement and audiovisual facility. You need to visit the place early and make yourself comfortable with the location. You can minimize the number of unexpected glitches due to this activity.

3. Drink warm water with lemon

Lemon helps to clear the throat and get rid of mucus, thus helping you get a sharp voice. You should take care to avoid cold drinks, dairy products or carbonated beverages. Also, while giving presentations, you should make sure that you have a glass of water within reach. This activity will also help you to prevent dry mouth.

4. Take standing position five minutes before

When you stand, the body goes into active mode and your energy levels rises. The sitting position is often considered to be passive and an inactive one. If you abruptly get up to speak, you will be hesitant and your confidence level will be low. When you stand up beforehand, you are gathering up your energy and preparing yourself for that challenging presentation.

5. Restroom option

It is better that you answer the call of nature before the presentation to avoid unwanted breaks. Some people react to panic or stress situations with the need to go to the restroom. Hence, avoid taking unwanted chances and finish your washroom business well before hand.

The above five tips will help you deliver a power packed presentation. Use these tips in collaboration with your English speaking skills to make a good impact. Improve your spoken English skills with the help of an online English tutor and continuous practice.

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