Engagement Present Etiquette

These days, most of us know the protocol for giving wedding gifts. In a time when PCs, laptops and online shopping are the name of the game, it really is a walk in the park. But when it comes to engagement present etiquette, it’s not quite as simple.

By tradition, after an engagement, it’s customary to send a congratulatory note to the couple in question, but engagement gifts can also be a thoughtful gesture.

Unsure of the engagement gifts etiquette? Fret not. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about ideas for engagement presents, who should give them and when, plus some great gift ideas that’ll be an instant hit…

When Should You Give Engagement Gifts?

Engagement presents should never be expected by the bride or groom-to-be since guests have to pay for travel, lodging, food and, of course, a wedding gift. What’s more, members of the bridal party have to pay for a dress or tuxedo, not to mention the parents who normally fork out the most on the big day. As a rule, the bride and groom should take into account that a wedding can be pricey for everyone involved, so engagement present ideas should simply be an added bonus. On the other hand, if you’re incredibly close to the said couple – a parent, grandparent, sibling, or a member of the bridal party – you may want to consider offering a small token of congrats to the happy pair.

What to Bring to the Engagement Party

If you’ve been invited to an engagement shindig, most couples won’t have put together a gift registry yet, which means it’s up to you to pick out a decent pressie. If they have registered, it’s a good idea to stick to their registry list.

If they haven’t compiled an engagement present ideas registry, check out the below alternatives to start their marriage off on the right foot.

Gourmet Food Hamper

Nowadays, you can get scrumptious hampers filled with a luscious assortment of sweet and savoury delights, including clotted cream fudge, crushed garlic, chilli nuts, olives and more together with a bottle of personalised alcohol. Truly scrumdiddlyumptious engagement presents ideas for any pair of foodies.

Engagement Champagne and Flutes

They’ve just agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. Time to crack open the champers and celebrate their engagement! Why not treat them to a personalised bottle of champagne that allows you to customise the label with their names? Along with two engraved flutes, it’s a sure-fire way to make their day even more memorable.

Personalised Calendars

Immortalise their love, all year long, with a calendar featuring their names in every photograph for every month.

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