Becoming a Ninja Negotiator – Buying the World For a Buck

Negotiation is an extremely important skill to have and becoming a Ninja negotiator can give you all that you want in life and more. The most attractive partner, the best job, the most lucrative business deals and much more. You do not have to be good looking to attract a beautiful partner. You do not have to be rich to get the choicest opportunities. What you need is simply a few skills.

Ninja negotiation is the art of yielding before you push. Negotiation is energy that goes back and forth until there is agreement. By negotiating, ninja style, you avoid one of the most common problems when negotiating with others. Namely, the stale mate, where neither party get’s what they want. Or even worse, the compromise, where each party gets a little of what they want but nothing more.

The latter is the “grown up” method that most people seem to think is most fair. The point of ninja negotiation is to avoid the stale mate or the compromise and get exactly what you want and need. Ninja negotiation is about yielding to the other but using timing to convince them of the virtues of your proposal.

So, like a good Zen Buddhist, you are patient. That is the key. most people get impatient to resolve a negotiation because negotiation is uncomfortable. But if you are prepared to yield without committing, you create a void in the energy field. This void is then filled by the other party and typically, the energy is a return in full of what they “took” When you yielded, but without committing and then delayed, you created that vacuum.

This never fails. Create the vacuum by pulling back and watch your adversary come running. They simply can’t help it! Just remember this rule as a Ninja negotiator: after the deal has been talked out and you yielded without committing, pull back and create the energy vacuum – the first to talk loses!

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