5 Important Things to Do Before a Presentation

Even experts need help while preparing for a big presentation. A great presentation can impress people, make or break deals and showcase your confidence and communication skills. Good oratory skills are important, but prior preparations also have an important role. These minor preparatory steps help you to calm your nerves and stabilize your stage fright. For a more effective public speaking performance, you need to prepare both your mind and body to function smoothly.

Five things to do before presentation:

1. Stimulate the first minute

The first minute of any presentation paves the path for your main presentation. You can practice this minute in your mind to give an idea how the presentation will start. Do this simulation in front of your mirror in the privacy of your home. Doing this activity will help you to look into the audience confidently without any hesitation. You can create an impactful first impression when you begin a presentation through this activity. Practice your introduction in fluent English to help you get a good start

2. Survey the presentation room

It is preferable to survey the room where you are going to give the presentation before hand. This will give you some time to be familiarized with the environment where you are supposed speak. You can check out the electronics, seating arrangement and audiovisual facility. You need to visit the place early and make yourself comfortable with the location. You can minimize the number of unexpected glitches due to this activity.

3. Drink warm water with lemon

Lemon helps to clear the throat and get rid of mucus, thus helping you get a sharp voice. You should take care to avoid cold drinks, dairy products or carbonated beverages. Also, while giving presentations, you should make sure that you have a glass of water within reach. This activity will also help you to prevent dry mouth.

4. Take standing position five minutes before

When you stand, the body goes into active mode and your energy levels rises. The sitting position is often considered to be passive and an inactive one. If you abruptly get up to speak, you will be hesitant and your confidence level will be low. When you stand up beforehand, you are gathering up your energy and preparing yourself for that challenging presentation.

5. Restroom option

It is better that you answer the call of nature before the presentation to avoid unwanted breaks. Some people react to panic or stress situations with the need to go to the restroom. Hence, avoid taking unwanted chances and finish your washroom business well before hand.

The above five tips will help you deliver a power packed presentation. Use these tips in collaboration with your English speaking skills to make a good impact. Improve your spoken English skills with the help of an online English tutor and continuous practice.

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