India’s Leading Crypto Trading Platform in India

Are you looking for the best crypto exchange platform in India to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies instantly? Then, you have landed at the right place. I would recommend “Koinbazar”, one of the leading crypto exchange platforms in India where you can buy, sell and trade your favorite cryptocurrencies safely at a low trading fee when compared to the other crypto exchanges.

Koinbazar provides instant INR deposit and withdrawal options. which makes it easy for traders to deposit and withdrawal their funds instantly at any time from anywhere without delay. You can also link your bank account to this platform which is one of the benefits for the users to deposit and withdraw funds instantly. Their goal is to provide a user-friendly platform and also a hassle-free trading experience for users all over the world.

Why Koinbazar Exchange?

Here’s a major reason to choose the Koinbazar exchange to perform your crypto trading.

How to get started with Koinbazar?

To trade and get a good return of investment from it,

Visit Koinbazar website
Complete signup process
KYC verification
Link your bank account
Deposit your funds
Start trading
For the Indian traders who have completed the following tasks, you will get 50 KBC tokens FREE and it gets deposited instantly into your Koinbazar wallet. For NRI users, who complete KYC verification can get 50 KBC tokens and instantly gets deposited into your wallet

Koinbazar Referral Program:

Do you want to earn KBC FREE from the Koinbazar referral program?, share the referral link (or) code with your friends to earn 50 FREE KBC tokens instantly, and also you can get 50% commission on their trading fees in the form of KBC tokens.

Koinbazar Crypto Exchange Mobile App:

Koinbzar has recently launched the most trusted and simple cryptocurrency exchange app on the Google Play Store. With this app, you can buy, sell, and trade your favorite cryptocurrencies legally. Traders who download and sign in to the app will get FREE 10,000 SHIBA INU tokens instantly deposited into your koinbazar account.

How to get SHIB tokens FREE?

Download the Koinbazar crypto exchange app from the Google Play Store.
Sign up to complete the registration process.
Sign in to the Koinbazar exchange mobile app.
Get 10,000 Shiba Inu tokens instantly to your wallet.
So, download the app, sign in to get 10,000 SHIB tokens instantly, and enjoy the hassle-free trading experience.

Can USDA Home Loans California Near Me Help Us Find Our Dream House?

If you’re planning to buy a house in this hugely popular state you might find that it’s impossible to afford a home using only your personal savings especially if you belong to moderate to low-income earner. The good news is, it is possible to find zero down payment homes loans near me. You can make inquiries online regarding home loans you’ll be give lots of choices that would fit your budget.

But Why Are Houses in California So Expensive?

The average cost of building an apartment or house in California is $326,000, according to information from 2018. This also contributes to the state’s high housing costs, as well as the fact that land is simply more expensive in this state. Thus, it’s very challenging to find a zero down payment homes loans near me in the area. Land-use regulations in California have reduced the availability of housing in major cities. Regulation reduces housing development, first by precisely dictating the amount of housing that can be constructed. Furthermore, the continuously expanding value of new homes outside their borders increases.

Requirements For Getting A USDA Home Loan

To check feasibility of owning a house, USDA Home Loans California near me provides checklist that will serve as guidelines stated below.

USDA Home Loans California are designed to offer financial aid to households that qualify as low income to moderate income. These income requirements are to ensure that the funds go to those who need it most. Home buyers who apply must ensure that the property is in an eligible rural area. You may also be eligible with poor credit and without having to make a down payment.
Other requirements include having to meet income eligibility criteria. This is based on where you live. You also need to meet citizenship or eligible noncitizen requirements and must not be suspended or barred from participating in federal programs.

Zero down payment homes loans near me are only available for home buyers who are unable to obtain a loan from other sources with terms they can reasonably meet. Even if you are eligible for a home loan, you can only use the funds to buy a primary residence, not a second or third home. You will be required to use the property as your primary residence.

Living in California

California is home of Hollywood, where the U.S. film industry is very active. If you conduct research on the local housing market, weigh the pros and cons of each location, and consider the benefits of the climate, among other things, you may discover that you are willing to make the compromise to relocate to the coast. Why? Some of the most popular places for people looking to relocate to California include its beaches, such as Venice Beach, National Parks, such as Yosemite, and tourist attractions, such as Disneyland and Alcatraz. California is also well-known for being the largest wine-growing region in the United States.


There’s a lot of opportunity going around when you area day trader looking to find the most profitable deals on your investment. Day traders can trade not only in stocks but also in futures and forex. But let us first examine the attributes each of stocks, futures, and forex.

Attributes of stocks
A stock as security stands for ownership in a corporation. It also stands for the stock owner’s claim on a portion of the corporation’s income and assets.

Any public traded company issues stocks.

While there’s no provision for leverage, there is a commission that must be paid to the broker. There are securities regulators all over the globe regulating th behaviour of stock trading through their control of stock exchanges. The latter are accountable to securities regulators. The liquidity varies across the board.

Taxes must be paid on stocks. The trader may pay long term or short term holding taxes. Of the financial instruments under discussion, only stocks entitle you to receive dividends. When it comes to the ease of taking a short trade, the results vary across stocks (but going long is definitely easier).

Attributes of futures:
A futures contract is basically an agreement to purchase/sell assets at a predetermined price, delivered and paid first a future date.

Shares and commodities can be found in a futures contract.

Wel known futures stem from commodities, primary examples being metals, grains, energy, etc. there are futures trading regulators in every important region of the world.

Leverages are available. The liquidity varies across futures. Ass far as taxation goes – Irrespective of the holding period length, 60% of gains are considered long term capital gains.40% are deemed short term capital gains.

There are no dividends on futures. In the case of futures, it is easy to take a short trade.

Attributes of Forex:
FX trading is the trade-in national currencies taht takes place in a global decentralised marketplace. The trade takes place in currency pairs.

Well-known currency pairs include EURUSD and USDJPY.

Leverages form a major attribute of FX trading.

As far as broker commissions go, there are none. Nevertheless, the ‘spread’ or the difference between the buying and selling price of the underlying asset, has to be paid to the broker. Despite its global nature, FX trading has no central world authority as a regulator. Rather, securities regulators are regional ion nature and the world is divided for regulation purposes into RMs or Regulated Markets. Some markets are more strictly regulated than others.

When it comes to liquidity, the FX markets are without peer. With over $ 6 trillion traded globally each day, liquidity touches the sky. The taxation regimen is the same as that for ordinary income. Dividends play no role here. Taking a short trade in currency pair trading is easy.

Now let us look at how day trading treats stocks, futures, and forex trading.

Day trading occurs when, in a margin account, there is buying/selling of the same security on the same day.

What happens when you day trade stocks?
Stocks make you the owner in a corporation, by virtue of ownership of ‘shares’. A pattern day trader does at least one trade per day. Besides market hours, there are the pre-market hours, wherein the traders have an opportunity to open trades much in advance. Trading is at its peak when volatility and volume are high.

The initial capital to initiate yourself into stock trading is rather a high vis a vis futures or forex trading. Also, trading at off-peak hours tends to be less rewarding, so that you must ensure your availability during peak trading.

What happens when you day trade futures?
You have futures to trade when it is agreed that you will buy/sell an asset at a predetermined price at a future date. You may bet on the market price movement direction. The flexibility of your futures trading is predicated upon the amount of capital you can invest.

There’s no minimum stipulated amount as a requirement to start futures trading. For starters, you could get the hang of a futures contract, and keep trading it for foreseeable future. If you have really cut your teeth at futures trading, you could go after futures that are experiencing prolific volume or movement on the trading day in question.

What happens when you day trade in Forex?
You invest in Forex trading after forming a reliable estimate of trends based on rate fluctuations. Given the risks involved, you should be ready to omit no more than 1% of your forex account on a single trade. Forex trades are open all day, all night. Since national currencies are involved, when you trade a particular currency pair is predicated upon market hours in the countries in the currency pair.

For instance, the EUR/USD by recommendation is traded between 9 am and 2 pm Eastern Time. FX day trading is not time-intensive either so that you can moonlight as a Forex trader whilst holding down your own office job.

The best day trading instruments:
Across the types of trading under discussion, the beginner should be able to recognise & choose instruments that fit the arena, market conditions and the idiosyncrasies of his particular project. We may first take a glimpse of the conditions affecting day trade:

High liquidity – Smooth buying/selling in large amounts;

High volatility – Volatility has a considerable role in product pricing;

Low transactional cost:

Low costs are the prerequisites of any day trading, which is why good brokers present us with staggering brokerage charges.

This enables the per unit trading cost to sink lower in proportion to trading volume rising higher;

Leverage or margin trading:

Leverage permits higher proportions of trade with relatively little capital. Leverage is a spine contributor to the high volumes of trading every day

News alerts:

News alerts enable the optimal use of chosen day trading instruments.

Keeping in mind the conditions aforementioned, we can now examine instruments at our disposal for day trading:

Index futures:

These are highly liquid, highly volatile, imply low transaction costs, and good returns due to high leverage.

Volatile stock futures:

The only caveat with regard to this popular category is that the list keeps changing so that traders should remain alert;

Commodity futures:

Crude oil or gold commodity futures are the pick of the day, any trading day. The category lends its well-deserved repute to diversification, becoming a prized asset in any portfolio

FX instruments:

For short term day trading, FX instruments are prime candidates, offering high liquidity, high volatility, low transactional costs, as well as low funding prerequisites.

Being cognizant of his trading aims, the trader chooses any one of instruments such as forex futures, forex spot trading, forex options, besides FX binary options trading.

The promise of low contract size combined with possible high volume makes the following instruments ideal for beginners

Bond futures:

owing to a low risk profile, bond futures present us with high leverage, high volume, high liquidity, as well as low transaction costs. Bond futures also promote diversification

Index-based ETFs: Exchange Traded Funds are low cost and highly liquid. These offer some of the best trades.

It is imperative that the trader choose his instrument after ensuring his own thorough knowledgeability of the same. There’s no sense in going after certain instruments just because they are in-trend.

Are you looking for a broker that can help you trade in futures ort stocks or crypto or maybe more than 300 of those? Don’t worry. Your search ends here. We present you with the leading online broker HFTrading.

HFTrading, with its headquarters in New Zealand, has since its founding in 2019 been making a lot of impact on the markets. Regulated by ASIC and FMA, it has the impeccable credentials to take your investments to new levels of profitability. The broker does not ask for payment of commissions – which says a lot about its commitment to transparency. The maximum leverage offered is 1:500.

Trading accounts you may begin with any one o the following as per your needs – silver account, gold account, and platinum account. The silver and gold accounts are geared towards beginners and competent traders. The platinum account is recommended if you really can be put into the ‘seasoned’ category. The latter is thus an affirmation of your competence having reached its peak. This account type has a dedicated accounts manager, as well as provision fo news alerts.

Ther broker has STP trading desk.

Deposit and withdrawal options are wide and varied, including and not limited to Neteller, Skrill, and Wire Transfer.

An array of tradable assets – currencies, crypto, commodities, stocks and indices – makes this broker of choice.

The trading platform is MT4, the leading trading platform par excellence.

Start trading today with $250 and follow trades on mobile or laptop.

FX, stocks, or futures: which one offers the best opportunities for profitable trade?
All three instruments – the stock, the futures contract, the currency pair – offer a wide range of trading possibilities. Each form of trading has its own attributes, analytical methods for trend evaluation, and a relationship with factors such as liquidity, volatility, regulation status, and leverage.

Whether you are risk-averse or not, plays a role in the choice of trading. Each form of trading has rewards (with attendant risks).

Take cognizance of your trading objectives, choose your trading plan, or simply jump into the fray with HFTrading. While working with the broker, it would be a good idea to ensure you understand the intricacies of trading yourself, too. It is your duty to yourself to keep on educating yourself. This would help you make informed decisions later on. Whether trading forex, futures, or stocks – the rewards far outweigh risks.

Presenting The Fly

We can offer a fly to a fish in a number of ways depending on whether we are representing a grasshopper or beetle or a frail spinner falling spent on the water. To splash the fly down hard delay the presentation stroke by dropping the rod tip to point at the water. Shooting line will only pile line leader and fly in a heap so we refrain from shooting in this type of presentation. To land a fly delicately on the water aim and release line at a point one meter above where the fly is to land and shoot line. If you do not shoot sufficient line the fly line will reach the end of the cast, stop, and bounce back.

The lesson is for a delicate cast you can’t shoot too much line whereas you can undershoot. There are other techniques for an advanced caster and these will be covered briefly as this book is designed around a learner. However if you want to refer to these techniques at a later time they will certainly make you more proficient. To accomplish long casts it is essential that the speed of the s fast enough to keep line in the air.

To increase the speed of a cast we can pull the fly line down with our left hand as we simultaneously lift the line from the water. To give the fly time to float downstream without drag, we deliver the fly at about 11 o’clock on the forward cast , leader and fly land on the water in a heap and a drag-free float is achieved until and leader reach the end of their travel. This tactic is often used to cast across a stream to where a fish is rising but there is a current between you and the fish. A normal cast would cause a belly in the line because the current is travel faster than the water where the fish is rising, drag would occur very quickly and no self-respecting trout is going to accept that! The side cast, when overhead vegetation prevents a normal overhead cast, or when a stiff wind is blowing into your face, the side cast produces the result you need. A side cast is nothing more than an overhead cast performed in a horizontal instead of a vertical plane. There are many more various ways find this fly as the main tool for fishermen’s. []

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